Hand gel in silicone hangers

A striking promotional gadget for your company, product or service that stands out? The hand gel in silicone hangers is a perfect choice. We have bottles and hangers in various sizes (29 ml, 35 ml, 50 ml) and your logo can be printed on the label as well as on the hanger.

Hand gel is an original choice as a courtesy gift or promotional item at all kinds of events. The option to have your logo printed on the item offers a clear added value when you want to use the hangers as a promotional item. It offers one-on-one communication, not for just a moment but for a longer time. With its practical size, the small bottle fits in every bag, and inside the silicone hangers they can also be hung from bags or purses. Have the item printed with a catchy slogan or your company’s logo and you have a real eye-catcher that can be added to your mailing.

We take care of effective and clear communication.

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