About us

Street of Solutions BV is a Dutch supplier of hand gel, hand sanitiser and antibacterial hand wash.

Our range of disinfecting hand gel is developed with a reliable and professionally made formula, tested and approved according to European standards.  Furthermore, ingredients like glycerine and aloe vera have a positive effect on the elasticity and regenerating capacity of the skin, so that the hand gel can be used again and again, without any problems.

Aside from selling our own product, Betty’s Hand Gel, we specialise in the development of Private Label concepts for supermarkets, pharmacies and other retail groups and brand owners. We guarantee a unique design with a fitting look for your hand sanitiser, and will produce products of the finest quality for attractive prices.

The hand sanitisers in silicone hangers of various sizes are also ideal for promotional purposes, promotional gifts and events. Your logo or any other image can be printed on the labels of the bottles of hand gel, or the practical hand sanitiser hangers.

Through our Label Hand Gel – Cleans with care we are also providing hygiene in stores, offices, production locations and other public spaces. Our antibacterial hand gel is available in a bottle of many possible sizes with a pressure pump, and our dispensers can be installed anywhere and are easy to refill with our refill bags.

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